25 years ago today: PHIL COLLINS released "Dance Into The Light"

  • silver anniversary!

    Dance Into The Light was released 25 years ago today

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  • Phil's mid life crises album.

    Aren't all his albums 'mid life crises' to some extent? Is he a Faith No More fan? ;) Every single album he released, he seemed to be going through some sort of crisis (maybe Supertramp would be more apt).

  • For me it's was a downstep of quality of his songwriting and sound with this album. I think ...But Seriously and Both Sides (the two albums before Dance into the Light) was his highest of his creativity. The first with his mature and serious subjects to he talked in the album and how he risk with adventures in another territory like politicals songs. And the other, Both Sides was very experimental and feature a severe dark tone musically (never Face Value or Hello I Must Be Going sound so much dark musically like this album). Lyrically, it's was a total introspective of his past, his errors and his tops in this album. His most personal album of his career. The lyrics explored more his past in all the emotions with this album while Face Value and Hello I Must Be Going explored her chaotic divorce with his first wife in all emotions. For Dance into the light, he sound so much happy and revigored, but the production lack of the huge punch of Face Value or ...But Seriously or the dark musical style of Both Sides. This african style was a good idea, but it's was not so good except for few tracks like It's in your Eyes or the title track. In comparaison, i like nine of the 11 songs of Both Sides that was not the case of Dance into the Light.