Prog News!!

  • The Flower Kings have a new album coming out next month. Same lineup as the last album. I wish they'd bring back Zoltan Csorsz (drums) and Tomas Bodin (keyboards). That was their best period, IMO. Apparently the new keyboardist, Zach Kamins, was also in the band An Endless Sporadic. A fabulous group and highly recommended. This new TFK release will be another double CD (95 minutes). I always hope their next album will be as good as their first few albums. It's been a long time since that's happened. Crossing my fingers. Roine has already compared it to Sgt. Pepper's and The Lamb with respect to there being shorter songs with a basic theme.

  • Ton Scherpenzeel's classic dutch band Kayak is set to release their new album, entitled "Out Of This World", on May 7, 2021.

  • New Lifesigns album being released today March 8th. It's entitled 'Altitude.'

    Zoltan Csörsz (ex-Flower Kings drummer) is now in Lifesigns! He's got a jazz background so can't wait to hear what he's contributed to this album. He has always been my favorite TFK drummer.

    The album is currently only available on their website, but I can't see paying £12 for a download. Will wait awhile for the price to go down, but definitely going to get this.  

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