STEVE HACKETT: 20+ additional shows for North America in 2022

  • Thanks for your review! I actually think that Steve is a MUCH better guitar player now (over the past 10-15 years) than he was when playing with Genesis. If you listen to old Genesis recordings (certainly in the Gabriel days), there were a number of flubs (try finding the Firth of Fifth solo played flawlessly on any show from the SEBTP tour - good luck). His tone now is incredible and his playing is super confident. I'd sort of expect this with 50+ years of playing but as you point out, not everyone ages so well. Happy that we can still all enjoy his playing. Thanks again.

    Thank you for saying that. I was hedging my bets by saying he plays “as well” as he always has. I completely agree with you that he plays better now, i.e., recent past up to now. I’m currently reading his autobiography, and I think that he always had some confidence issues during the entire Gabriel-era (as well as equipment issues). He didn’t really become the master axe-wielder that we all love in concert until the four-man era (and, if you are really picky, you could even say not until the W&W tour).

    In any case, yes, I love that he has kept - and even improved upon - his chops. I think the general excellence of his band must help in that regard. You would definitely feel some urgency to keep your end up in such a band. Fortunately, he does just that!

    Stepping out the back way, hoping nobody sees...

  • Steve has added more shows in December, following the postponement of a couple of Canadian shows earlier this year:…and-ticket-info-s732.html




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  • Steve has added more shows in December, following the postponement of a couple of Canadian shows earlier this year:…and-ticket-info-s732.html

    ...and I now have my pre-sale ticket for the Keswick show! 8)

    Too much Steve is never enough! ^^ Yes, I just saw him in April, but I'd gladly see him again every 8 or 9 months. Bring it on, Steve! :thumbup:

    Stepping out the back way, hoping nobody sees...

  • We saw the Seconds Out/SEBTP show last night. The avatar was taken by me; not bad I think!

    It was excellent. Now that I know the songs much better from the previous show, it was much easier to get involved.

    Nad Sylvan has improved out of sight. He is no longer the fey, awkward person he was. He fits right into the band. His voice has deepened and is more powerful - though still better on Gabriel's songs than Collins' (although given that Collins'songs barely featured that didn't matter). He caught my eye at the beginning of Squonk and winked at me after a few lines (could never put a smile on that face indeed - I was grinning from ear to ear). The other musicians were excellent, especially Rob Townsend who seemed to carry a lot of the load.

    I didn't think Steve was all that committed. He was wearing a black velvet jacket which I expected him to take off at some point, but he didn't. His playing was uniformly excellent but it didn't blow me away particularly. But it was such a privilege to see him.

    He barely sang - unlike the previous tour. The only hint of a solo song was Slogans which was incorporated into Los Endos. I think he undervalues his solo work to a huge extent.

    I suppose I can now say I have seen Robbery, Assault & Battery & The Batttle of Epping Forest performed live, as opposed to all the Genesis songs I much prefer (i.e. the later songs).... I thought the jazzy rearrangement of I Know What I Like worked much better this time than previously.

    I wish I could write in more depth but I can't really do that. But as I said, it was a great evening.