Porcupine Tree - "Closure/Continuation"

  • Great news for Porcupine Tree fans.

    PT will be releasing its first album together in 13 years — Closure/Continuation.

    Scheduled release date is 24th June 2022.

    Steven Wilson is joined by Gavin Harrison and Richard Barbieri.

    Edit: They've also announced a tour that will begin in the UK and Europe late next year, with the Americas and Canada to follow.


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  • I preordered the album but have mixed feelings about the new track. Why?

    It sounds as they have always sounded. Steve always tried to reinvent himself and now it sound slike the past 12 years have never been. A bit like Abba, they sound exactly the same as they did when they split in 1982.

    I wonder why he does it?




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  • Hey Christian - I haven't listened to the track (never managed to 'get' PT), but the first thing that popped into my mind when reading you was that there might be a clue in the album title (?)