15, 16 November 2021 | Genesis live in CHICAGO | reports **SPOILERS**

  • I listened to a very good recording of the second Chicago show throughout work today, and I have to say it's like night and day compared to first few shows.

    The band sounds very tight and punchy, with Nic especially on his A Game. Tempos, transitions, changes are all ironed out and sound much more deliberate and focused.

    Phil is in far better shape vocally; he actually sustained notes and put some power behind his delivery, particularly "Afterglow," the runs on "Misunderstanding," and "I Can't Dance." The backing vocalists didn't seem to be covering so much as embellishing the sound. I did miss "Duchess" (though it appears to have returned to the set), but "Misunderstanding" was a great version. His enunciation seems to have improved as well.

  • Methos I was one of the young women in the second row. I'm such a huge fan of them. I've waited my whole life for them to finally reunite and perform. I'm 28 btw and I ha e my dad to thank for introducing me to not only genesis but all old school music.

    I was front row at Phil Collins concert in 2018, saw Daryl Stuermer and his orchestra play tribute to genesis about 8 years ago. It was a dream to see them together again. Wish peter was also there but I'm so happy nonetheless. A dream come true 😀

    You and your friend were fun to watch from time to time. I was the person who was sitting in your seat when you got there.:)

    It was a great show and honestly I think the best one I've seen in my 10 times seeing the band.

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    Does someone have a couple of photos from that show? I want to include them in a review about both shows

  • Phil has definitely stepped up the last couple of show's and it's no coincidence it happend after I said he needed a shave.

    One concert he even joked about having a hair cut and seemed to just be more energetic and upbeat.

    Some of his songs even sounded like Phil of old to his credit and it's a shame he was going through so much the last few years with that evil witch, because I really believe it affected him, even in the UK tour, he just wasn't the same and I think he is starting to just enjoy it more now and believe perhaps more in himself in some way.

    I hope Phil, Mike, Tony and Daryl just really enjoy every minute of this

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    The combined reviews about Chicago, written by three fans, is now also online

    thanks to tleinss  Foxtrot  Methos