18 November 2021 | Genesis live in WASHINGTON DC | reports **SPOILERS**

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    18 November 2021

    GENESIS live in Wachington DC - Capitol One Arena: The Last Domino? Tour


    Duke's End

    Turn It On Again


    Land Of Confusion

    Home By The Sea

    Fading Lights / Cinema Show / Afterglow

    acoustic section

    That's All

    The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway

    Follow You Follow Me


    Band Intros

    No Son Of Mine

    Firth Of Fifth

    I Know What I Like (bit of Stagnation)


    Throwing It All Away

    Tonight Tonight Tonight

    Invisible Touch

    I Can't Dance

    Dancing With The Moonlit Knight

    Carpet Crawlers

    Feel free to post photos and reports here or arrange meet-ups with other fans.

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    Who else will be in Washington DC?

    ejoy the show

  • We just got back to our hotel room. An awesome show start to finish. The band sounded very tight. Phil was in very good voice and very good humor. As was noted by rlj1010 Duchess was back in the setlist (much to the joy of Ms. Moonlitknight :) Highlights for me were Mama (Phil at his creepy best); HBTS/SHBTS (that last section where Mike really starts cranking on his guitar is fantastic); Fading Lights/CInema Show/Afterglow (the “transition from Fading Lights to Cinema Show is a bit jarring, but having watched clips of previous shows I was prepared); No Son of Mine; Firth of Fifth; and DWTMK/Carpet Crawlers. Truth be told there were tears rolling down my 60 year old cheeks during Carpet Crawlers. All in it was superb show and an energized audience. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to see my favorite band on their final tour.

  • That’s awesome Moonlitknight. It’s great to see so many fans reliving the Genesis concert experience here in 2021. I’m so eager and excited for next week’s show but I know that I’ll also be a little emotional and misty eyed afterwards. There is something magical about a Genesis concert. It’s not just one thing. Surely the music and visuals are amazing but I think what sets them apart is how they connect with the fans. I’ve seen many great bands in my day but none of them have touched my heart and soul like Genesis. Thanks to all the members posting their reviews, it’s really great to hear how everyone is enjoying this tour.

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    Foxtrot - I have sent you a message (see conversations here in the forum) and also an email. Please respond.

    MoonlitKnight Was Misunderstanding just replaced or was Duchess put back to its original position in the set?

    So was it:

    No Son Of Mine

    Band Intros




    Band Intros

    No Son Of Mine



  • wow...genesis changing a setlist again! ..we are in strange times 😄..Duchess seems a much more atmospheric track than Misunderstanding. Maybe TB put his foot down or tracks will be rotated..wait and see

  • Exactly what I was thinking... Watching the videos.

    The energy was there. I don't know if it's me being accustomed to his current state, but he seemed way younger than at the start of the tour. Which is good new for him, really. His voice is coming back as the tour progresses. And I think yesterday was kind of perfection. Words seemed to come easily too.

    I've never seen Mike being so "engaged" in this rock and roll attitude. What a joy ! Clearly, he moves and smiles a lot more than in the last... 35 years ?

    Compare it with 2007, he was way quieter to me...

  • A fantastic show. Agree with earlier comments. Phil’s voice was much stronger than I expected as was his apparent energy level. Entire show exceeded expectations and made the nightmare of driving in on 395 worth it.

  • Hi Christian. Duchess replaced Misunderstanding, and was followed by the band intros and No Son of Mine. As an aside, I loved how Nic went from the final beat of No Son of Mine straight into FOF.

  • We for the most part very much enjoyed last night’s concert in DC. It was a wonderful and nostalgic closing after seeing every tour since Duke. Favorite of the night oddly enough was the acoustic version of The Lamb. I would love to see an entire unplugged Genesis concert.

    We had what I thought would be great seats which were row A of the upper balcony straight across from the stage. This presented two very significant problems. Both were due to the rectangular lighting and sound rig that ran the perimeter of the floor of the arena. There was a tower in the center to run the cables and lighting. The result is anyone in our section having an obstructed view of the stage. Think watching the show with a massive pillar dividing the stage into two.

    The other issue was the column of speakers on each side of the rectangular rig, which were aimed directly at us. Thankfully we had earplugs, otherwise we would have had to leave. The sound while uncharacteristically loud for a Genesis concert, was initially ok from an acoustics standpoint. It was during No Son of Mine where the mix took a turn straight to hell, the bass was severely distorted and overpowering. As a result we left our $300 seats and lucked out by finding two seats overlooking Tony. This really saved the night.

    The rectangular rig is of terrible design, and based on my experience with the previous tours entirely unnecessary. Now maybe a more skilled person at the mixing board would have helped turn these assault weapons masquerading as speakers into good sound, but the tower of cables is truly a puzzle as to what the heck they were thinking.

    Despite the challenges I’m still glad we went. I look forward to purchasing a BluRay of the tour so we can see and hear all that we missed.

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    Thanks for your thoughts and welcome to the forum

  • I did not think the domino lights were utilized enough. The only time I noticed them was during SHBTS which was spectacular. They came so low that it was like a menacing external obstacle. They did something similar in 07 with the torch towers which were a great effect.