ANTHONY PHILLIPS - Dragonfly Dreams (PP&P IX) - 25th anniversary

  • Anthony Phillips' ninth Private Parts & Pieces record, Dragonfly Dreams, was released 25 years ago today

    Our review from the old German magazine, translated into English language a while ago…es-IX-CD-review-s217.html

    What are your memories? What do you think about the album?




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  • I have this album playing every morning before I get to work. It is perfect to relax a little before work starts. Since I made this a habit I am hardly ever listening to it at other times as it always reminds me on my work! :P

    The good thing of having the same music playing every morning is I know exactly when I have to leave the house. With Melancholy Flower I have to get ready, with Night Song I should get going and with Chinese Walls I really need to get going or I'll be late.

  • This album has the distinction of being one of the few that I've bought, gotten rid of because I didn't like it at first, then bought again and liked!

    "Something Blue" has, of course, now been released in its original version with a Richard Scott vocal.

    If I'm not mistaken, "She'll Be Waiting" is the last new song released that has Ant singing lead.

    "Chinese Walls" is probably my favorite on the album, and calls to mind some of the better aspects of the TWELVE album. (Bonus trivia: It comprises 26% of the album's total running time.)

    The turning point comes when you stop looking for answers you like and start looking for the one that works.

  • If I'm not mistaken, "She'll Be Waiting" is the last new song released that has Ant singing lead.

    Yep, apparently you are right. AFAIK only 1 new song was released afterwards, but with a female's vocals: Credo In Cantus ("I believe in chants"?) from Seventh Heaven - Lyrics in pseudo-Latin (meaning nonsense, according to Ant).