27 November 2021 | Genesis live in BUFFALO | reports **SPOILERS**

  • If not for the border restrictions I actually might have gone to this show. We have to be tested for Covid before reentering Canada from the USA. The rapid test is not acceptable so the approved tests will cost around $300 each. And God forbid you test positive, you will have to quarantine in the US for 2 weeks. Cheers to those who are going. Enjoy the show!

  • At least from where I was sitting, the audience seemed more enthusiastic tonight in Buffalo than the first night in Toronto (I didn't go to the second night there). Some funnier moments included the crowd trying to sing happy birthday to Daryl but never managing to get lined up and Phil saying to Daryl "That was Happy Birthday, I think!". Also Phil spoke to a person in the audience who was holding a sign that said "Ripples". Phil said "You can rest your arms, there's no way we're gonna play Ripples"