PHIL COLLINS - I Wish It Would Rain Down music video

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    I always thought this video was one of his finest moments in the field of music videos. also the fact that Eric Clapton agreed to be in it.

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  • Yes, this was in the age when a promo could be a mini movie. As well as cameos from Marilyn Monroe, Groucho Marx and James Cagney, Jeffrey Tambor appears as the director. One of the best promos from Jim Yukich and Paul Flattery in my opinion.

  • I discovered Genesis and Phil Collins solo career through MTV from 1991 onwards. I always had great fun watching the promo videos, because there are quite a few that includes some dramatization and humour. Also, from the same period as "I Wish It Would Rain Down" there is "The Long Lost Network TV Special", which I find very funny! Phil tries to do a rap version of "Don't Lose My Number", which is quite hilarious!