07, 08 March 2022 | Genesis live in BERLIN | reports

  • Listening to this Duchess from Berlin video, I noticed that the vocalization improves greatly when the extra singers start their chorus. Even if many fans disagree but Phil's voice seems weak and tired. But kudos to him for the valiant effort at his age.

  • Christian

    Changed the title of the thread from “07, 08 March 2022 | Genesis live in BERLIN | reports **SPOILERS**” to “07, 08 March 2022 | Genesis live in BERLIN | reports”.
  • A year ago today Genesis started the last leg of their last ever tour in Berlin. It wasn’t clear until February whether or not the German shows would take place at all. They eventually did happen then. 7 march was the first big concert in Germany after Covid.
    I saw that show and it was a truly emotional ride. I also saw the last one in London and … well what can I say! Happy I did go and see them one last time

    Thanks for wonderful memories




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