16, 17 March 2022 | Genesis live in PARIS | reports

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    16, 17 March 2022

    GENESIS live in PARIS - La Défense Arena: The Last Domino? Tour


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    Feel free to post photos and reports here or arrange meet-ups with other fans.

    GENESIS - Which shows of THE LAST DOMINO? UK / European Tour 2021/22 will you see?

  • As Christian said, there are no problem for Paris. It will be happen : no restrictions for indoor show since February 2.

    There are tickets left for the first Paris show (1500 tickets) and the second show (800 tickets) but this is the most larger indoor venue in Europe (40 000 seats).

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    So who will be in Paris?

    Biggest venue of this tour, so this will be special anyway

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    Two images from An hour before the show

  • Hi everyone,

    i'm new here but i have to share my little story.

    Coming from Italy, i attended the concert of 17th,

    asked my 15 years son to be with me.. he accepted

    my story:

    i knew Genesis in 1988, buying IT, and Phil in 1989 with But Seriously

    therefore ...at 15/16 , i fell in love with their music , exploring the rest of their production in the years after..

    in 1992 , finally my first ever concert : Genesis in Nice .

    then.. i saw them a couple of times (1997, 2007) and Peter and Phil, several times...

    i grew with them, as many of us.

    so, after 30 years, during which they all represented the soundtrack of my life, i had the privilege to “close the circle “, again in France, moreover with my “little boy “ with me…

    the show, for me was as the first ever 30 years ago:

    pure EMOTIONS. i thank God to have had this opportunity.

    Ok, seeing Phil (my Idol Phil) in that conditions was sad, but the also seeing myself in the mirror compared to when i was 18 could be a bit sad..:-),

    and also the for 80% of the public may be...:-)

    time goes on for everybody, sometimes better (i'll pay to reach 71 as Mike and Tony..) , sometimes worse..

    I cried many times, a lot on Afterglow..,a bit when i saw Phil leaving the stage, realizing that for me it was really he last time.

    technically speaking:

    - musicians were on top,

    - Phil's voice , so so, but acceptable (lowered keys of the songs have permitted to me ti sing along with him...for one time)

    - sound was FANTASTIC,

    - Nick's drumming wasn't that Jazzy as his father was, but it were so powerful that fulfilled the execution with the energy that Phil's voice didn't have, and gave again a particular "youth" to pieces.

    it was for me one of the keys of the show

    at the bottom line :

    My son was with me, for two days in Paris, he enjoyed the trip, enjoyed the show ,

    for me it was marvelous, i closed the circle believing to having passed to him a part of my life , in that place, in front of "my" Idols,

    hoping he could find a passion like this and feel sensations like these one day.

    thank you Phil, Mike, Tony, Peter, Steve, Chester, Daryl, Nick, Ray, Antony, ..Daniel and Patrick



  • very cool story. Thank you for sharing it. It is more meaningful when you share your passions with those you love. They are pieces of you, and I'm sure your son will treasure that more as time goes by.

  • I felt the same during the 2007 tour, where my two sons and my daughter went with me.
    They weren't there this time but my wife was, it was a Genesis first for her and she was very impressed.

    It was my 7th Genesis concert. I saw them in 1981, 1982, 1987, 1992, 1998, 2007 and now 2022.
    This show was really special, with Phil's touching efforts to give its best and the gang (Mike, Tony and Daryl) always playing at the top of their game. Sure, Nick can't beat Chester, but it was very emotional to see father and son united by music. In a 2007 interview, Phil said he would like very much to take his children on tour, I guess he fulfilled that dream with the current tour.

    I couldn't help being really moved by the "Fading Lights" words. It says so much about getting older and I still think it's a perfect way to end their story. With this one and "Duchess", the concert was a really moving experience.

    It was really cool to enjoy the wonderful light show. The 2007 concert was a frustrating experience in that regard, beginning too early to take full advantage of the Varilites and the projections. La Défense Arena was certainly huge (and incidentally next to the building I work in !) and the right kind of venue for such a gigantic setup. We weren't very close to the stage (I messed up my reservation) but at the right distance to fully appreciate the concert.

    All in all, a very emotional moment.

  • I was just happy to be in the room again with the lads. It was my 3rd tour that I saw, and loved all of them. I missed Duchess, they didn't play it, which I was looking forward to, but that's life. Genesis could play arm farts for 2 hours and I'd still show up. That would be quite a bootleg!

    Agreed on Fading Lights, I thought the lower step worked for that well.

    Only 3 more shows and that's a wrap. Glad they did this though, going out on their terms and I felt it was a thank you to the fans.

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