Why I'm no longer posting on the forum.

  • Hi.

    So some of you guys might be wondering "Where is NoSon? Why isn't he posting?" and I thought I may as well finally break the news. I felt guilty for not posting for multiple weeks, as if I just vanished without a trace, so I'd prefer it if I just let it out: I'm just done with the forum. :huh:

    I highly appreciate the fact that this new forum has been created for all the old TIOA members, but I just have nothing else to say or discuss. I tried this by making a few threads but to tell you the truth, I really see no reason in discussing the exact same topics yet again, just on a new forum. There comes a time when you have to accept that. I've discussed every aspect of Genesis many, many times - enough times to be really tired of it. Yeah, they are in my opinion, the best band of all time by far. But even the best band ever can become boring to talk about. ?(

    Furthermore, I am also really, really burned out on music in general - not that I don't like music anymore, but I'm listening to new stuff very rarely these days. I might listen to the occasional new album by a comfort zone artist like Newton Faulkner or Elbow, but recently whenever I do hear music, I mostly listen to old favourites over and over to block out the abysmal pop/rap crap the radio plays at the gym. So I can't even discuss music anymore. That fiery passion I had for music throughout the late 2000s to the mid 2010s is sadly gone, replaced with a desire to just listen to my favourite songs/albums over and over. Even new prog albums are sadly uninteresting to me.

    I hate to have to admit it, but there just isn't anything left for me on here anymore. It just isn't the same here - it lacks the retro 2000s charm of the original forum - and even if it was the same forum I'd still very rarely have anything to talk about anyway. Chatting is fun, but it's not worth it if it's just small talk for the sake of it.

    None of this means I won't drop in a couple of times a year to say hello, but I'm afraid that my days of frequent forum-posting are long over. Sorry, guys. :|

    Thanks for all the wonderful discussions over the years, everyone. I won't forget them and I'm so glad to have made friends with so many of you. You guys helped me through some tough times in my life.

    'Til the next time, farewell. :)

    - NSOV

    P.S. I'm seeing the Book of Genesis at Charterhouse on June 2nd. So there's a fair chance I might bump into some of you. 8o

  • I get it and have learned that you need to pace yourself when it comes to listening to and talking about Genesis. It's difficult because they have nothing new coming out to discuss. As for new prog, I have found these bands to fill the gap and make music interesting again:

    1. Neal Morse Band - They have 2 very good albums out. I highly recommend Similitude of a Dream. I consider it to be a top 5 all time concept album.

    2. Eric Gillette - He is the lead guitarist for the Neal Morse Band and if you like heavy prog, he is your man! Like the NMB, he also has 2 very good albums out.

    3. Dave Kerzner - He was in Sound of Contact with Simon Collins (Phil's Son) and has a good album out called New World. Check out the 2 CD deluxe version. If you like Pink Floyd, you will enjoy this!

    4. Spock's Beard - These guys are a modern version of Genesis in the way they have transformed as a band. They have a new album coming out today called Noise Floor.

    Don't give up on new prog as there are some good bands still out there!

  • Wishing you well in your life NSOV.. :) Hopefully your tastes won't drift too much in music anyway!!.. ^^

    Sometimes a break is good for our soul.... :)

  • It's a normal thing to take a break from a forum, music or whatever else in life. No need to apologize :) Surround yourself with what makes you currently enjoy your life best , don't feel guilty for moving on.

  • I often take breaks from the internet. I think it is good to be away from it from time to time. So much of my time can be taken up by keeping up to date with different forums and sites that I don't have time for what is really important - family.

    As a result I have now left many forums and only participate in a couple now, this being my main one.

    Even on the old forum I used to take time off. Apart from running the football predictions league there was a period of about 2/3 years where I hardly posted anywhere else on the forum. Now I am back but have learned to balance my time here better.

    “Without music, life would be a mistake”

  • My experiences with the internet exactly. That is why, I am not on Facebook and reduced my internet activity to this forum and the MOLF (Marillion Online Forum).

    First we learned to walk on water.

    Then we tried something harder.

    - Red Seven -

  • My experiences with the internet exactly. That is why, I am not on Facebook and reduced my internet activity to this forum and the MOLF (Marillion Online Forum).

    Similar here - no FB and this forum + Barclay James Harvest only. Best to be choosy and selective :)