The Last Domino? tour merchandise

  • A nice new shirt has just appeared in the official store:

    A small thing, but those in Brooklyn can now pretend that they did actually get a show on this tour! ^^ (I wonder why that wasn't corrected.)

    I like this shirt - yes, it makes their finality quite visible, but everyone gets a good last mention.

    (...and, unlike in the credits of "The Last Domino?" DVD, Daryl's name is spelled correctly. ^^)

    Stepping out the back way, hoping nobody sees...

  • Was about to post this myself.

    Yes, Phil has clearly got his wish and it will be the last tour, with no question of a ? now.

    These last 3 days will be emotional for everyone.

  • Enjoy everyone, sending love from across the pond. Send our boys off with all the love and appreciation you can !!

    We'll do our best, mate. 👍

    I don't usually do 'soppy' but for these final gigs I'm going to feel that everyone who isn't physically there is there in spirit.

    When I enjoy the shows, as well as for myself I'll be doing it for all of you, for my older brother who went to the legendary 1977 Rainbow and Earls Court shows and Knebworth 78, for the 14yo me, my schoolfriends and other older brother who saw them in 1980 (including the also legendary Lyceum BBC show).

    Although my first one was Hammersmith 80, I'll be thinking back to that Lyceum one as it felt so special at the time. I won't be thinking of it as a comparison but as a sort of bookending of my Genesis live experiences.

    Abandon all reason

  • i nabbed the black domino tour tshirt and the beige evening tshirt after the show last night. they were marked 35 each but i was charged 25 each (on the 1st floor merch shop) ive noticed on the website theyre 30 each!

  • We'll do our best, mate. 👍

    I don't usually do 'soppy' but for these final gigs I'm going to feel that everyone who isn't physically there is there in spirit.

    Love this thought. While I haven't been a fan as long as many on here, I'm 40 and have been a hardcore fan since I was 10. <scribbles on back of envelope> that's 75% of my life! I'm grateful for the show I got to see, and while I can't be at these very last ones, I will certainly be there in spirit. Over the next few days, I'll be thinking a lot about this band that's been such a huge part of my life.

    For those who will be there, I can't imagine what it will be like to roar them off the stage for the last time. Very emotional no doubt. A great time to all and hope the band enjoys it too.

  • Nice to all the band including backing singers referenced on the Tee shirts. Phil, Mike and Tony show great respect to their support artists. This is not always the case. Phil gave them a lovely thanks last night during the show. He has always been willing to let them get the appreciation they deserve.

  • They also offer a special London history shirt. Haven't checked whether or not the data stated is accurate.

    Too bad they just did this for a handful of cities during the tour.
    I would have loved to have a Genesis live in Paris tee-shirt ! After all, they recorded Seconds Out here !

  • Indeed brother, we will all be there in spirit. “Like the story we wish was never ending, we know sometime we must reach the final page.”

  • I'm glad they were eventually offered but po'd it was such that Boston a major US city got screwed with merch relative to other US stops.

    a. No Boston shirt but Belmont NY got one? Wtf?

    b. Poster was not available a crappy Abacab poster with teeny tiny "tour edition" as the only change to indicate anything about the tour (poor choice considering Abacab was prominently absent from the setlist) so a 40rh anniversary Abacab poster is a piss poor tour merch.

    c. Found someone selling the legit poster offered at I guess some stops but not to Boston at least not for top VIP seats (lame)' on eBay and a day after buying they now offloaded for much cheaper than I paid the posters in fact with shirts it came free

    D. The shirts variety sucked relative to last tour . Finally they put out the new shirt which is nice but heaven forbid they had that available at the time of the shows instead of shirts with nothing to do with the tour or 3 variants of the same image.

    I love Genesis my all time favorite for decades. But this tour which should have been a huge celebration considering its finality and 50+ years had such laziness with aspects I look so forward to as part of the celebration. It felt like such a bummer. Than to tell us that no filming will be done and no video or audio released. At all. For the last ever tour even though the audio engineer was interviewed and said they'd be taping the shows. Guess they love collecting recorded shows on The Farm but hidden for no one to hear. Really infuriating. Glad I and other fans made recordings to help with the memories of the band is going to be so damned stingy and act like they couldn't give a damn.

  • Oh well.

    Abandon all reason

  • Yikes. With all due respect most folks in the US view Boston as one rung down from the NYC area in terms of “major” US cities. I saw the show in Washington, DC, which is arguably as large (if not larger) a market than Boston, and there were none of those specially marketed items available at our show either.