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  • So I have fourth great nephew arrived last night in Washington State. It'll be a while before I meet him . Gave his father a Genesis playlist last time I saw him so hopefully the baby will be Genesis fan by now.

  • My fourth great nephew arrived into this world the other day. He is an American. Born in Washington State in a town near Olympia which is where my niece works.

    I'll see him next summer.

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  • Quite catchy! Just goes to show half the time people pay no attention to lyrics anyway. Many of us mishear them.. You can sing along

    and make your own!

    Indeed. The Cocteau Twins based their entire output on this. Louis Louis by the Kingsmen is a famous example. Bernie Taupin wrote some terrific lyrics but in Elton John's blurred delivery, which often sounded like jellified blobs of vowels that have broken loose of their moorings (even more so now), you got a nice tune and some vague sense of meaning but it didn't really matter.

    Every bit of scat singing, waaay-yaaaayah-yaayah and doo-bee-dooo-ing follows the same principle. Sometimes you don't need actual words.

    As for mis-hearing/making up your own interpretation, a memorable one was REM's Sidewinder where many would sing along to its catchy refrain as "calling Cheryl Baker" (or in my case as I'm very partial to them "calling cherry bakewell").

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  • I always thought it was calling in to waken her until tinernet came along. It's actually call me when you try and wake her up and even though I now know that, for the life of me I can't make it out and still prefer my own version.

  • still prefer my own version.

    as I do with a line in Madonna's La Isla Bonita which I always hear as "Young girls with eyes like potatoes" despite knowing it isn't that. But it's a striking image as I'm sure everyone will agree.

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