Great new Rolling Stone interview with NIC COLLINS

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    About the GENESIS and PHIL COLLINS tour, the last ever Genesis show, his own band Better Strangers and the option of having a Genesis reunion with Peter Gabriel…better-strangers-1332977/




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  • What was interesting about that was the fact that Nic had never met Peter before.

    why is that? Nic lives in North America, Peter in Bath.

    Interesting interview, I think the comment about Peter leaving Genesis and never looking back, says it all.

    exactly. Stop dreaming, it's only in our heads, not in theirs.

    Great interview by the way, thanks for posting!

    ... make tomorrow today!

  • Christian

    Changed the title of the thread from “Great new Rollins Stone interview with NIC COLLINS” to “Great new Rolling Stone interview with NIC COLLINS”.
  • Very good interview. Nic seems like a great bloke, too.

    Interesting to hear them talking about songs that didn't make the cut, with Supper's Ready and Los Endos both considered but never seemingly making it past the early stages.

    Pity we didn't get a few more nuggets -- was Watcher or Squonk ever rehearsed? I know the former was mentioned on here a lot, but I never came across a direct quote from Nic ever confirming as much.

  • I just assumed that their paths would have crossed at some stage.