The Domino Principle in Paris

  • Hi all,

    We all know the famous Domino Principle routine from Phil.
    However, it was a bit different during the first Paris show.

    Phil goes his customary "Sometimes it's been known to affect us up here" and the musicians wave their hands.

    Then he said "Sometimes it can affect this guy down here" and he shows a guy in the front row, whose image is displayed on the stage screens. The guy was puzzled and didn't know what to do, obviously ^^ but Phil made him stand up and he got a round of applause. :)

    You can see it here at 1:37:26

    I wondered if he did the same at other shows ?

  • Yup, he did that when I saw them in London on March 24th! The guy was put on screen and waved, and got a loud cheer. I think Phil said something to the effect of 'that's all the action this guy is getting tonight." :D