Chris Stewart's Spain tetralogy

  • For the past year or so the wife and I have been reading Chris Stewart's books to each other in the evenings. I enjoy his books very much. He is very good at creating an image of the landscape he lives in and gives a distinct voice and character to his neighbours in the book. Plus his books show a fine sense of humour. I *loved* the bit where he practises playing the guitar again and his wife bans him to the sheep shed because he is just soo bad. When he asks his (young) daughter whether that is fair she replies: "No, daddy, that's not fair .... The poor sheep!" :-)

    Driving Over Lemons, A Parrot In A Pepper Tree, The Almond Blossom Appreciation Society and Last Days Of The Bus Club all deal with Chris and his family's life in the Alpujarras. Three Ways To Capsize A Boat is the odd one out. It tells the stories of how Chris sailed in the English Channel, the Mediterranean and even across the North Atlantic.

    Did you read Chris' books? What do you think of them?

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  • I have never read them and I probably never will. The fact he was drumming on the first two Genesis singles 40 years ago does not generate enough motivation to me to read his books about living in Spain. I would not read a book by Mick Barnard either, I guess. ;)

  • If you are looking for Genesis lore these books are of little interest for you. Except for, like, five pages. He doesn't coast on that at all. Luckily, he has far more entertaining stories to tell than that old hat.

    I am a bit surprised... nobody here seems to have read his books?

    FWIW, BBC radio portrayed him in one instalment of a programme called "A House Somewhere"; it is probably somewhere on the genesis-movement torrent site.

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