MIKE + THE MECHANICS - Refueled! Tour 2023

  • Yes and strangely enough I'll be back there next week leading a walking tour of the city - there are indeed interesting places to see in Hull!

    Probably worth going just to hear the accent, if Lucy Beaumont is anything to go by! ^^


    Putting the old-fashioned Staffordshire plate in the dishwasher!

  • I was in Frankfurt yesterday to see them (they sadly don't do Belgium and I had some things to do near Frankfurt so that was a nice option) and I have to say - what a great show! I mean this is the Mechanics show, but it had a lot of energy and Nic also added some drive and put his stamp on the band's performance.

    Setlist is okay - there are always tracks I'd like to hear and bands don't play. But it was a two hour show (without a break by the way) and we all know that the Mechanics often didn't play more than 95 minutes.

    I likes the acoustic section, nice mix of old and new. And then Jesus... was ... odd. But that's just a voice thing, Tim's voice doesn't fit too well here (for my ears). Musically it was great.

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