Version Living Forever with rehearsals in 1992

  • Very very nice news. In link below is FIRST HISTORY audio and VIDEO version of Living Forever from the rehearsals on April 30, 1992! Full song. This is what we mean! One of the fans added that under the video! Flac audio version, 36 MB. I encourage you to listen to this unique piece after 30 years! Someone at night- we don't know who added this file- and 2 hours ago it was added to Genesis Movement On Facebook. :)

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    - this link to video!…gL24NzW5G3zz3rMwj2bEMomjM

  • Thanks, great to see that, and in such good quality. Not one of my favourites but I thought the vocal parts were really strong and then it meandered a bit during the instrumental, which is maybe why they dropped it. Brilliant to see it though

  • Love, love stuff like this. Thanks for sharing. It sounds good although Tony's keyboard solo is like the background music from a deep level in Sonic The Hedgehog from 1993 or so. I'll lament once again that it's a pity they didn't throw in songs like this here and there with their setlists for a bit of variety.

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    That's really cool, never saw this before!

  • Watcher09 - as for the tracks - probably the set list on this April 30th rehearsal was standard - Land Of Confusion, No Son Of Mine, Driving The Last Spike, Old Medley, Dreaming While You Sleep and Fading Lights. However, I am not sure. Older fans will know more, but probably Jesus He Knows Me was just played instead of Living Forever. Christian- none of us have seen this movie. On Youtube is in the description under the video this movie. It was made by a cameraman who recently (we do not know when), unfortunately, died of COVID. Presumably, this man instructed his wife to publish this video before he died. His wife, in turn, decided to share it with some friend of hers - and so it went on. Honestly speaking, I thought maybe in 2-3 years' time we would hear the Living Forever live audio version. But the video? And is it still of such quality? I think everyone is surprised, since 2,000 people have already watched this video - and it hasn't even been a whole day to add. I don't know if this woman has more videos - in my humble opinion there is more. A cameraman would only shoot one song? I do not think so. We are waiting anyway for every video to see what will come of it. :) Audio files, too. Anyway, we got the "most important" for the 1992 tour. :)

  • When I first listened to We Can't Dance I instantly thought this song was destined for being played live. I was surprised it never was so it's really nice to finally hear it live, if only 30 years late.

  • I myself am surprised - and very surprised that we heard it. I assumed that we would finally hear the audio version in 2-3 years, but the video? And is it of such quality? Nice event. I suppose this unfortunately deceased man made more of this video. We are waiting.

  • I was never a big fan of the lyrics in this one (do they count as “cheesy?”), but liked (and still do) the music.

    In the light of 2 years plus of sometimes-dubious medical advice about Covid, I really appreciate the prescience of the lyrics.

  • Chester is at the very beginning of the video - 15-16 seconds. At first, I thought he was not there, but Internet users caught it somehow. Chester just wasn't filmed up close, but he was. But it seems to me that the instrumental part was played by Phil himself - 99%.