The PETER GABRIEL anniversary year 2022: Part 5: UP

  • The years that end with a two are - in Peter Gabriel's case - special years. Because in them, an astonishing number of his solo albums celebrate "round" anniversary. We have opened a continuation article on this, which will be continuously expanded throughout the year.

    20 years ago today, PETER GABRIEL's album UP was released.

    Earlier this year, anniversaries of PG1, Long Walk Home, Live Blood and IV (Security) were celebrated.

    You can find our thoughts in the article below. Now it's your turn in this thread to share your opinion on the album, the making of the album and your memories of the release.

    Genesis News Com [it]: Peter Gabriel - Anniversary year 2022 (albums) (

    Read also our "old" review from 2002:

    Genesis News Com [it]: Peter Gabriel - UP - CD Rezension (




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  • I love the album, and loved it when it came out. I remember it we'll, as I was just setting out on a > 1 year long trip abroad, and the album was one of the soundtracks to that very crazy time. I thought it sounded very sophisticated, dense and lush - and I still do. It's got some beautiful moments on it, like the chorus of Darkness, and I Grieve. It's all so layered and textured that there's something new to discover each time.

    It's my favorite PG solo album.

  • UP by Karin Woywod translated by Martin Klinkhardt.

    One of the best reviews I have ever read.

    Only when you love an artist do you really know him! 8)