Kino - new album released!

  • Hello all,

    I think most of you have already heard that KINO have released another album "Radio Voltaire" although the band split up in 2005. I couldn´t believe it when I saw the email regarding the sudden release (at least to me it was all of a sudden). It´s a bit different that 2005´s Picture with more songs, a bit shorter songs but again with so many passages that give me goosebumps... just heard Silent Fighter Pilot in my car and it nearly drove tears into my eyes... so beautiful!

    What do you think of the album?

    Another question to you: I really like John Mitchell´s voice and now I´m looking for other music from him. As I can see he has done so many things with different bands that I now wonder where to start! Should I listen to Arena oder It Bites first? What´s more similar to Kino?

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  • I have this album and it's very good 8)...

    You can't go wrong with both Arena or It Bites albums, both excellent bands indeed! ;)

  • I'm not an authority on Kino, but I can recommend It Bites, especially their album Once Around the World. IB are more on the prog pop spectrum. Arena are more on the neo-progressive ROCK side of things.

    I wa a massive It Bites fan back in the day, and I've probably seen them live more than any other band. They always had incredible live sound and are among the tightest musicians I've ever heard.