Genesis Sell Publishing Rights

  • Reading up on Concord, it looks like they are mainly a company that has been acquiring record labels and publishing rights. So it sounds like that they focus on continuing to sell an artist's catalogue to new audiences. This would most likely focus on the material that has been popular in the past. I highly doubt they would have much interest in getting archival material out there, where the financial return is likely small compared to the investment in acquiring/restoring/mixing the material.

  • I guess looking at it logically it's an investment to make money... they will exploit the publishing rights through any opportunity in order to return profits. Although no doubt this will mean mass commercial opportunities to the wider public such as getting the music in to movie soundtracks, adverts, TikToks etc. etc.

    *But* also there's also potential money to be tapped from the fan base, most of whom are keen for deluxe expanded editions, rarities, live footage/recordings etc. If it was considered financially worthwhile to put out a bluray of Three Sides Live in 2014, then collectors blurays of In Concert 1975, Lyceum 1980... not to mention Phil's Perkins Palace would surely be definite contenders. The upsurge in a return to physical media (both vinyl and CDs) amongst the latest generation of music fans makes high quality limited edition physical releases a real potential goldmine.

    On the minus side, Concord are not fans and so won't be coming from that mindset other than making product which maximises income. (But then Genesis/Tony Smith/Hit and Run were never exactly great at quality control or considering fan perspective when making a release the best it could be...)

    On the plus side Concord will be more motivated to get more things out there for sale to return profit than Genesis ever have been...

    I still find it hard to believe Tony would give up control of anything though! ;)

  • Saying at the outset that I’ve no real idea about these things, it strikes me that Tony Smith said they were going to tidy up the catalogue and now they have sold the rights to the three man era. He would have known that at the time so maybe he was thinking of the earlier material? Or perhaps his view of tidying things up is to get rid of them, the approach my wife took to the clutter in our children’s bedrooms when they were younger.

  • Perhaps there's a chance now of a blu ray (or 4k) for the When in Rome 2007 concert.

    Always wondered whether Steve regretted leaving. His solo stuff (what I've heard) seems fairly weak. It was a good (commercial) decision to concentrate his live efforts on the Genesis material, which his band do exceedingly well.

  • Really - some of you accuse me of being unrealistic. You are entitled to a word of criticism, I accept it. :) But for Concord to gain money, they only with advertising and Tiktok will NOT ACHIEVE YOUR CASH BACK! NO MORE COMPILATION! It does not take great intelligence to understand that a refund is practically possible ONLY BY CONCERTS. And if the concerts are to get people to buy it, they have to be NEW, UNRELEASED CONCERTS. How much will Concord profit if they re-release The Way We Walk on DVD again? Or Wembley? Slight compared to how they let Toronto go in 1986. :) People are waiting to see Supper Ready live from 1982 and 1986. Not only a group of older fans, but really Genesis with difficulty, but also reaching the 30-year-old generation. It is enough to show Phil with Chester on drums - this can also encourage young people to listen to Genesis and, for example, to start learning to play the drums. Just like in my case. :) We will see what will happen and here there is no need to weave some unknown theories. But I'm really pretty sure there will be something new by 2024 - and probably a video. And rather, it will be a "commercial" period for the company to earn a lot. Maybe they'll even play 1987's "full" Hannover or something from 1986. Besides, a lot depends on whether there will be any new Phil solo videos. Phil has gained even more popularity as a solo artist and he is "identified" with Genesis. When people reach for Phil's video, they will reach for Genesis subconsciously. :) We're just waiting for now and let's not delete in advance that nothing will happen. Time will tell.

  • pawciob1 I love your enthusiasm, but I think you are grossly overestimating how much money Concord would make by releasing a concert video or CD. There's a very small niche market out there of hardcore Genesis fans, and I don't see casual music fans rushing out to buy something like that.

    P.S. I would certainly buy it

  • pawciob1 I love your enthusiasm, but I think you are grossly overestimating how much money Concord would make by releasing a concert video or CD. There's a very small niche market out there of hardcore Genesis fans, and I don't see casual music fans rushing out to buy something like that.

    P.S. I would certainly buy it

    I agree, although I wish it were different. Still, we are only talking about the three man era. The early stuff is still in control of Genesis. Really needs someone like Cherry Red, who are doing wonders with Ant’s albums, to curate it all. But I’m not optimistic about anything of great interest seeing the light of day. Let’s hope I’m wrong.

  • Particularly now that all actual band activity has definitely ended, I completely understand the urge to will something into existence based on what they might have in the vault. But it makes us forget what we've already known for decades: they are not the type of band that thinks "Hey there's some old tapes at the back of this dusty cupboard in the basement, let's release whatever's on them!" These speculations also wilfully swerve the long-established fact that they are very guarded about quality control.

    The best we'll get will continue to be unofficial releases like the Six Of The Best Hammersmith rehearsal and the various radio broadcasts (aside from anything that'll be on the BBC set).

    Abandon all reason

  • Interesting snippet here from an article about Pink Floyd and Roger Waters' inability to shut up. In short, they are shopping their catalog much as Genesis did but they haven't sold yet, and he made some comments that might affect the value of the catalog by putting off potential buyers.

    Although many expected the next set to feature the band’s commercial peak years of 1973-80 — which include “Dark Side of the Moon,” Wish You Were Here,” “Animals” and “The Wall” — instead the group released a collection of less-popular material from the ‘90s. Why? Because the catalog is much more valuable with that peak-era material still in the vault, which would enable the buyer to release it.

    Obviously I have no idea if this concept of keeping things in the vault to sell later is accurate, or if so whether it's something other artists such as Genesis engage in. It's a little tantalizing to imagine so but as has been repeatedly pointed out Genesis are the band from which to expect any sort of treasure trove type releases.

  • Since Xmas has now passed, upon examining one of my gifts more closely, I have come to realize that I am now an owner of a release from Concord!

    The new (from about September 2022, that is) “Creedence Clearwater Revival - At The Royal Albert Hall” CD was released by Craft Recordings, a label whose recordings are manufactured and distributed by Concord. I guess this means that CCR must have sold at least some of their back catalogue to Concord.

    It was also newly mixed and restored by Giles Martin and Sam Okell, the team behind the more recent releases from The Beatles - most notably the recent “Revolver” boxset and the “Get Back” BluRay/DVD set. So, Concord isn’t shy about getting good talent behind the mixing board. That was reassuring to find out!

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