What was the first Genesis album you acquired when it was new?

  • Abacab.

    Until W&W I had them all.

    ATTWT didn't interest me, Duke didn't like pop songs.

    I hoped a lot in Abacab but I realized that Genesis prog no longer existed. :(

  • Think it was Turn It On Again: The Hits in 1999.

    I had started to become a fan with We Can't Dance in 1992 and was slightly behind the curve when I got The Shorts and The Longs. From that I had worked backwards to Duke. For a time that seemed to be all the Genesis I needed. ATTWT came and went back to the shop as I wasn't sold on it and taster's of The Lamb and Trick courtesy of my local library were okay but not sure. Eventually the combination of the two Archive boxsets (the 1st from the library, the 2nd I bought) tipped me over the edge to 70's Genesis.

  • So... no one who bought FGTR before TRESPASS came out? ^^

    It would be interesting to know if any of those people are around and still Genesis fans!

    Little known fact: Before the crowbar was invented...

    ...crows simply drank at home.

  • Lots of 80's younger people here.

    In the 70's I bought my first Genesis LP at 17 and it was Selling England by the Pound.

    I had just seen Genesis for the very first time (see ticket attached) in Montreal back in 1973 and was immensely impressed by them specially Peter Gabriel.

    At the time I was unfamiliar with their catalog so I was wondering why Supper's Ready was not on SEBTP (yep, no internet in that primitive time) but that changed when I discovered which album had it and later bought both Foxtrot and Live!

    This ticket is a true Gem for me (they were so unknown that even the name was misspelled!)

  • Lucky you!

    Unfortunately, the first tour I saw was Trick of the Tail in '76. At least I caught 2nd row tickets to Gabriel's first tour, with Robert Fripp on guitar. The set ended with Back in NYC. I will never forget it.