Chester Thompson & Alphonso Johnson join Unitopia!

  • Haven't seen this mentioned on the main site (certainly possible that I missed it!) so thought I'd have my first post be productive ^^ Please remove if I've overlooked and this is a duplicate thread!

    Looks like the mighty Chester Thompson (no introduction needed) and the mighty Alphonso Johnson (Phil, Steve, Weather Report, Santana, etc.) have joined Unitopia for the band's new album as well as a 2023 tour (details to be announced).

    Tour info:
    The main site with more info:
    Preview video of Chester's playing:

    Thoughts? Hype? For me, I might have been living under a rock for quite some time, but this is actually the first I have heard of Unitopia, and this group appears to have a decently beefy history. The bits I have heard so far aren't doing much for me in terms of songwriting and production, but I love to see Chester (and Alphonso, no less!) involved in something like this. Chester is grooving hard in that preview video! I'll definitely buy the record when it comes out, and I'd love to catch a show on the U.S. leg of the tour to support.

  • Thanks for posting. I have been preparing a news item recently but was waiting for more dates to be confirmed.




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  • I have been into Unitopia for a while.

    They did a covers album which starts with 'The Carpenters' 'Calling Occupants'. The keyboard player writes most of the songs and the lead singer has a lovely deep gravel voice. They are signed to IQ's label I believe, GEP.

    Best songs:

    From Artificial:

    The great Reward

    From More than a dream:

    More than a dream.

    There's a place.

    They did a live album called 'One night in Europe' which is on YouTube and this sums them up.

    For me this is fantastic news.

  • I normally move on straight away but I had to stay on full screen for the duration of that. What a tune that second song is from 5 minutes onwards. Whoever wrote that is a genius.

  • Call me a pedant, but the Carpenters version of Calling Occupants...... was a cover, originally written and performed by Canadian prog band Klaatu. Carpenters version is best though.


    Putting the old-fashioned Staffordshire plate in the dishwasher!

  • Interesting .... I thought Chester had quit touring a while ago?

    he did. But I assume he meant large production tours, i.e. Genesis etc. :/

    About Unitopia: That sounds interesting. Hope more shows will be announced!

    ... make tomorrow today!