THE ANT BAND works on second album (due 2024)

  • Since I was repeatedly asked about it: yes, there will be another ANT BAND album! :)

    In September we got together (virtually) and decided to start a new project. Nothing will be revealed about the content yet, but the tracklist is fixed: it will have 15 tracks (we are already working on about half of them) and will probably break the 60 minute barrier.

    Almost all the Ant Band musicians who took part last year have agreed to take part again, and some well-known guests will probably also contribute. So the tried and tested recipe will not be changed. However, there is one difference: Ant Phillips knows what's going on and has even offered his help if we get stuck with the chords. ;)

    This time we will take considerably more time, because with the first album it got a bit hectic towards the end. And we have no deadline here, so there is no reason to hurry. If all goes well, the new album will be released in 2024 - so I ask for a little patience. 8)

  • 2024 it is. So we have more than a year to build up excitement then ^^

    Seriously: I enjoyed the first album a lot and I am curious what will come next. But I assume you won't talk about that ... yet?


  • Will Ralph Bernascone make an appearance? Or will he be on holiday with Peter Cross?


    Actually, the user Ralph Bernascone in this forum could be part of the project ;)

    Time will tell




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