TotW 01/02/2023 - 01/08/2023: MIKE + THE MECHANICS - Silent Running

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    MIKE + THE MECHANICS - Silent Running
    Year: 1985
    Album: Mike + The Mechanics
    Working title:
    Credits: Robertson/Rutherford
    Lyrics: Yes
    Length: 3:12
    Musicians: Paul Carrack, Mike Rutherford, Adrian Lee, Peter van Hooke
    Played live: 1986, 1989, 1995, 1996, 2012-2019
    Cover versions: Hidden Citizens

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    Notes: The Mechanics scored a hit right from the start and Silent Running has been a fan favorite ever since. Carrack's incisive voice and the qualities of the songwriting team Rutherford/Robertson formed a flawless pop-rock song that easily broke the 4-minute barrier. Although it was always a classic in the live set, the band dropped the track in 1999 - it returned in 2012 and Mike remarkably commented, "for the first time it sounds really good!".
  • The best songs sound like they were unearthed by the artist, as opposed to written. As if the song was a preformed gem that has always existed and just needed to be discovered by the author. Silent Running is one of those songs I think. Like In The Air Tonight, Turn It On Again, Mama.

    Outstanding. You might say it's too portentous, but I think it captures perfectly a tense kind of terror of the same type Stephen King captured in books like Firestarter. A type of fear unique to childhood. At least I remember it made me feel uneasy as a kid. Brilliant song. Wish they had done a lot more work like that.

  • I always thought this was one of their finest. It sounds like tantalizing fragment from a much larger work. Alan Murphy's guitar solo has a great sense of melody - sad, almost wistful.

  • Great song, great lyrics, probably thanks to B A Robertson as much as Mike, Paul Carrack's great performance too. Can't help feeling the comment "for the first time it sounds really good!" is Rutherford's sour grapes at the events of Paul's departure. He does seem to bear grudges!


    Putting the old-fashioned Staffordshire plate in the dishwasher!

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    I found it strange that this track was not part of the set in 1999 and also noch during the first tour with Roachford and Howar. It then re-appeared in 2012 and Mike indeed said "for the first time it sounds right".

    One of their their best!

  • I like it and gave it ten. I loved Smallcreep’s Day, found most of AVS unlistenable and then thought this was a return to form when I bought it as a single. I also liked the B Side. Since then I’ve felt that the Mechanics have become the ultimate day time radio 2 band, alongside the Corrs etc - nothing wrong with that but it’s not quite what I’m after. But I should give the albums a fair spin as I’m probably judging too much by the singles.