GENESIS - BBC Broadcasts - details, BBC archive info and evaluation

  • No 1 in the UK Rock & Metal charts.

    For my dear fellow Backdrifter, this comment is dedicated to you from all of my heart: So Genesis are officially a rock & metal band? I guess I learned something today. (I'm so gonna make this a forum meme)

  • The only way to make the band (or record company) understand that there is a market for more releases is to support what they do put out.

    For everyone that takes the high road and doesn't purchase a particular item it makes it even less likely that whatever "perfect" release you're holding out for will actually be considered.

    I also recall how many people loudly let everyone know how they passed on the 2007 boxed sets for similar "not perfect enough" reasons. I guess they're the ones now paying four or five times the original price for them because they didn't, for whatever reason, get them back when they were $50...I have no doubt this BBC box will have a similar trajectory.

    I'm not sure if the BBC set will follow the same path as the 07/08 boxes, but your general point is valid. No-one in the band or organisation is going to think "Hmmm, sales aren't as high as we expected... why, it must be because of disgruntled fans being dissatisfied with incomplete shows. WE MUST PUT COMPLETE SHOWS OUT IMMEDIATELY! WHAT WAS WRONG WITH US!" Before, of course, going on to exclaim "And while we're at it, we must also - in a show of shame and contrition - release every minute of rehearsals and recordings of the band having conversations over lunch. And going to the toilet!"

    Obviously it will be argued at length, by certain people here, that that's exactly what will happen...

    I get where you are both coming from. But with respect, I'm not going to purchase something that's not what I would've preferred or hoped for just in order to show those offering the product that there's still a reason to put out material. As the consumer, I am the one who holds the right to choose whether or not I will purchase an item-and my reasons for not doing so are my own. And I agree with you, that's not going to make them think "we better put out better material!" But honestly I don't expect them to either really, so no harm no foul IMO.

    I actually enjoyed the boxsets, and love the 5.1 surround mixes and bonus content (much of which I'd never seen before) to this day. But if I'd prefer spending my $ on a live collection that's a little more...complete, I'd say that's my prerogative. When all is said and done, "to each their own" really...

  • Got my copy yesterday, am enjoying it immensely. Funny combo of listening to this awesome music and reading all the online comments in this forum and elsewhere of people ceaselessly complaining how no release is ever up to anybody's expectations.