John Hackett - Checking out of London

  • Hi everybody

    I was looking for that album ("Checking out of London" by John hackett) on CD the other day. I thought it was in my collection, but can't find it. I assume it's out of print. Any idea if there will be a reprint? Otherwise I'll have a look on ebay etc.

  • I was looking for this album a while ago as well and found it on ebay for 15EUR (sealed), which was ok. A reprint, maybe with bonus tracks, would be great. It's a good album.

  • Check with the Record Label: You could try contacting the record label that released the album, if they still exist or if the album rights have been acquired by another label. They may be able to tell you if there are any plans for a reprint or if there are any remaining copies available.

  • I was in touch with John about this a while ago. There is no record company involved, but he has no definite plans for a rerelease (at least not back then).




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