List of the Band’s Film/Video and Multitrack Live Recordings

  • I was wondering if anyone on this forum including Christian’s Main Site has compiled a list of what we know that the band has or had in it’s possession with regards to multitrack and film/ video recordings. I know someone may have posted this list at some point and I have a good idea but I thought it maybe nice to see again. With the release of the BBC box set I have been reviewing all the bootleg versions again on Simon’s Movement site, trying see if I already own the best versions of these shows or if more recent upgrades have come available. In addition, I’m curious about the video for Knebworth and Wembley as well as the other official live videos. There have been some really interesting restorations and upgrades from The Genesis Archive, Genesis Museum and BillFilm and I’m interested in how these have been restored. In the case of the Genesis Archive and Genesis Museum , it’s just amazing what content they have found and released. I don’t know if the band will ever warm to the idea of releasing blu ray/cd packages in the future but hopefully someone from the fan community who has access to the band could help start a dialogue again like was done in the early 2000’s.

  • pcontos

    Changed the title of the thread from “List of the Band’s film/Video and Multitrack Live Recordings” to “List of the Band’s Film/Video and Multitrack Live Recordings”.