PETER GABRIEL - The Court - track discussion

  • A new track is available from 5 February midnight.

    The Court will be released in its Dark-Side Mix first.




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    Produced by Peter Gabriel

    Written by Peter Gabriel

    Background Vocals: David Rhodes, Melanie Gabriel & Peter Gabriel

    Bass: Tony Levin

    Bass Trombone: Richard Henry

    Cello: Caroline Dale, Chris Allan, Chris Worsey, Ian Burdge, Tony Woollard & William Schofield

    Double Bass: Chris Laurence, Lucy Shaw & Stacey Watton

    Drum Programmer: Peter Gabriel & Richard Chappell

    Drums: Manu Katché

    Electric Guitar: David Rhodes

    Flute: Eliza Marshall

    Mixing Engineer: Tchad Blake

    Orchestra Leader: Everton Nelson

    Percussion: Brian Eno & Katie May

    Piano: Peter Gabriel

    String Arranger: John Metcalfe & Peter Gabriel

    Synthesizers: Brian Eno & Peter Gabriel

    Trombone: Andy Wood & Tracy Holloway

    Trumpet: Andrew Crowley

    Tuba: David Powell

    Viola: Bruce White, Fiona Bonds, Peter Lale & Rachel Roberts

    Violin: Cathy Thompson, Charles Mutter, Clare Hayes, Debbie Widdup, Everton Nelson, Ian Humphries, Louisa Fuller, Marianne Haynes, Martin Burgess, Natalia Bonner, Odile Ollagnon & Richard George

    Vocals: Peter Gabriel

  • thanks, just wanted to add this.




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    Deutsch? Check our German Website


  • Slightly off topic, but, without googling or imdb-ing, which of the above list of people appears in an episode of Father Ted? (UK comedy set in Ireland)


    Putting the old-fashioned Staffordshire plate in the dishwasher!

  • Really like this. It's dark and melodic, and very "new" sounding. I like the dynamic between the verse and chorus. It's reminds me of Darkness but is much more concise (and stronger for it).

  • I'm not that crazy about either of them to be honest, but I'm sure I will get to like them.

    No, neither is top notch, I've been wondering whether my assessment is the result of too long a wait or pent-up expectations but after several listens I simply believe they are average songs.

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