TotW 02/13/2023 - 02/19/2023: PHIL COLLINS - I Missed Again

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    PHIL COLLINS - I Missed Again
    Year: 1981
    Album: Face Value
    Working title: I Miss You Babe
    Credits: Collins
    Lyrics: Yes
    Length: 3:46
    Musicians: Phil Collins, Daryl Stuermer, Alphonso Johnson, Shankar, EWF Horns, Ronnie Scott
    Played Live: 1982, 1985, 1994, 1995, 2017, 2018, 2019
    Cover versions: plenty

    Notes: Some may have wondered when Shankar talked about how no one knew whether Face Value would be a jazz album, an instrumental album or a rock album. I Missed Again could be emblematic of that. The groove, the rhythm, the breaks. With songs like these, Collins went into the vicinity of "black" R'n'B, and the brass element in particular runs through practically all of his albums ...




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  • Oh, one of my favs! 14 points. I love Alphonso's bass on that one. Enjoyed it live a couple of times. Great track.

    ... make tomorrow today!

  • Outstanding. It's hard to say why. It's less bleak than the rest of the album musically, although obviously still very dark lyrically. He didn't do it in Australia.

  • Possibly my favourite on the album.

    I know it's considerably more upbeat and "poppy" than much of the album, and doesn't quite fit the vibe in some ways, but he absolutely nails it.

    The Motown influence is obvious and the song is all the better for it.

    Still sounds great, and fresh, when I hear it.

  • 13 from me. One of the best solo tracks by any of the band. It all comes together here, great sound and rhythm. The horns sound wonderful and a superb sax solo. Poignant lyrics of ‘damn - another missed opportunity’ that don’t become maudlin and work as a nice counter to the punchy sounds. That classic Motown drum lick is perfect here.

  • Well it feels like something you want so bad
    And then you think you've got it
    But it's something you already had
    And you can feel it all around you
    But it's something you just can't touch

    always loved this lyric, not sure how deep Phil was getting with it, but strikes a chord with me

  • He employed my user name twice, in ITAT and in this song - 'I can feel it coming at me, yes I can feel it coming at me'. (directly after the lyrics quoted by Simon1967). In ITAT it's full of foreboding but here it's more like excited anticipation.

  • 14

    one of his finest on his debut. I love that groove. :love:

    ... stumbled upon this

    One of those "famous" TV appearances. And look at the horns ....

    some are wise ... and some otherwise