Your favorite GENESIS studio albums (pick three)

  • Yes, their bravest. ATOTT was in many ways (apart from losing the lead singer) a

    Continuation. Abacab was a Full stop and restart. It’s probably their most controversial album ....

    I beg to differ and it doesn't have to do with my preferences. First of all, losing the lead singer can NEVER be minimized. The tone of the articles at that time is clear testimony of that. Genesis were done, as far as the medias were concerned. Peter was not only the singer, he was the main focus of attention and, after the Lamb he had established himself as the leader of the band, Banks notwithstanding. In a band with more than a writer and lyricist, he single-handedly decided the story, the lyrics and the set the tone which is definitely grittier than previous albums. In a nutshell, he decided the ''direction'' of the band, as music critics at the time put it. If anything Trick might be considered as a continuation of SEBTP, they return to known themes and are again very British, in that sense it is a clear departure from the Lamb. Be as it may, the mere fact they decided to go on, knowing the risks involved, is imo incredibly brave. As for Abacab, I just don't like it, that's known but not to the point to deny its importance, more than ''brave'', a couple of songs are just too easy listening and mainstream to be considered brave, I would define it as ''necessary''. It had to be done.

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    To add another thought, which I believe may have been mentioned on Tabletop Genesis, if ATOTT had bombed, they may have called it quits right then and there. And we wouldn’t have had all the great 80’s music from the band to discuss. Plus it’s well known that they auditioned many singers to replace PG. Phil wasn’t even entirely comfortable in the front man role at first, as he didn’t initially have the showmanship that Peter had. I have to tell you guys though, man would I have loved to have been alive and old enough to see Genesis in the 1970’s. That’s one of the things I’m hoping to enjoy from this forum, listening to stories from people who experienced the band in their heyday.

  • Definitely Nursery Cryme and SEBTP. Third could be Duke, but that may be nostalgic or sentimental because it was my first Genesis album. I remember buying it because of Turn it on Again and when I played it for the first time and heard the first 3 songs, I realized there was a lot more to this band.

    But at one time or another, all the 70's albums were my favorite.

  • ...and then there were three...


    Wind and Wuthering

    If I could have chosen a live album - Three Sides Live

    ATTWT is low down my list but nice to see it getting some love. It does have some of my favorite songs like Down and Out, and Undertow.

    Welcome to the forum btw!

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    Recently, I played the "Shapes" album a lot. Still not in my Top 3, but this has grown a lot over time. Especially Silver Rainbow and Just A Job To Do

  • Recently, I played the "Shapes" album a lot. Still not in my Top 3, but this has grown a lot over time. Especially Silver Rainbow and Just A Job To Do

    Side A of that album, to me epitomizes what Genesis could or should have been like in the 80s, particularly after the partial, personal disappointment of Abacab. Side B is, I would say objectively, you never know though, weaker. I do sometimes listen to it but eventually nothing really sticks for me. Yes, Silver Rainbow is nice but not much more than that. Phil's singing is premium, throughout the album.

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