Help Me Trace a Gabriel Era Bootleg

  • This is a very random request.

    Back in the 80s a friend gave me a compilation tape of various Genesis bootlegs and on it was a Gabriel "green trouser suit" story involving laughing gas, the end of which went like this:

    Phil [through tons of tape hiss] "...and said....."

    Pete "Stop that it's disgusting." [in squeaky laughing gas voice]

    "Must fly, Firth of Fifth"

    I can't find the tape. I don't remember finding a bootleg on The Genesis Movement with this story on it. Is there anyone out there who can point to which bootleg this is? By a process of elimination it's obviously from the Selling England tour, and there weren't many shows involving laughing gas. And just to be clear, it's not the Roxy show on 19 December 1973 that I'm talking about, although that story is very similar to the one I'm thinking of. I know it's not that Roxy show because there's no interjection from Phil with, "....and said" on that recording.

    Would love to track down the show that had this story. If someone can solve this conundrum for me, I'd be grateful.

    Apologies for making such an odd request.

  • Found it. It's The Roxy, 17 December 1973, late show. I've answered my own thread.

    sorry I couldn't help, but I never was an experts for bootlegs




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  • Found it. It's The Roxy, 17 December 1973, late show. I've answered my own thread.

    That show has just received a legal-but-unofficial CD release (as with so many others), under the title Horizons. Usual crappy cover but the sound quality is reported as excellent. (I've not received my copy yet.)

  • Thank you for the heads up, I will check it out. That said, this particular Roxy show is not the best quality, unlike, say, 19 December 1973 (early show). With a little tweaking, that one could be polished up enough to become an official release. However, the 19th late show, along with a number of the Roxy recordings, suffers from an incomplete Supper's Ready - bad news to any Genesis fan. It's probably the best performance of the lot though, you can tell they wanted to finish their Roxy residency in style.

    I've just looked on Amazon and I see from the reviews that Horizons has an incomplete Supper's Ready too, so I think it's going to be a recording of one of these gigs:

    17 December 1973 (early)

    18 December 1973 (late)

    19 December 1973 (early or late)

    I'll shut up right now. My bootleg dorkiness has surfaced and needs to disappear fast! ^^

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  • PS - I can't stop the dorking right now...

    The back on the Horizons CD states it's from an FM radio broadcast. Rubbish. There were no FM broadcasts from the Roxy, only a (barely listenable) AM broadcast of the 18th (late show). Most of the others, if not all (who knows what remains in the Genesis vaults?), were recorded by the roadcrew using ambience microphones, so they sound better than audience bootlegs (because of better quality microphones) but not quite as good as broadcast quality because they're not mixed with a feed from the mixing desk or multiple mikes on the equipment. At least that's my understanding.

    Over and out!