Genesis medley by Unitopia

  • A few days ago I was listening to Big Big Train on Spotify. I'm an album listener, so I almost always listen to albums in their entirety. Now, when the BBT album ended, Spotify decided to play me some other music. Among these songs were one by Unitopia, which immediately caught my interest. I'm now getting to know this band and I like their music a lot.

    Listening to the album Covered Mirror, Vol. 1 I was very surprised to hear lyric lines I recognized very, very well. It turned out to a "Genesis Medley" that they had put together. It consists of five songs from the PG era, adding up to 10 minutes. The first of the five songs is one which I always thought was very good and which could have been a hit under other circumstances. It remains almost forgotten and neglected and I wish Genesis had played this song on the reunion tour in 2007, but I understand why they didn't. Which song is it? Well listen to the medley! ;-)

    The last half of the medley consists of "The Carpet Crawlers" in its entirety. I'm not a big fan of that song, although of course it's a masterpiece, but I have to say I enjoyed this cover very much. Unitopia should have recorded "The Carpet Crawlers" separately in my opinion, as it's really strong and the band puts their own mark on it.