State of Mine - In The Air Tonight

  • A new Cover Version.

    What do you think?

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  • I find that pretty terrible tbh. In a dull, uninspired kind of way. It sounds like a cover of a cover too, wasn't there already at least one like this? Anyway they seem like they tried hard but if it was a talent show I'd have pressed the big X long before the end.

  • Oh dear. Nordic metal cliches meet a Collins classic. Plenty of effort, some great hair and snarling, dark set, dark clothes, just missed some drum stick twiddling to complete the list. However they needed to be singing about Thor going feral because his missus has run off with a demon (played post midnight on Kerrang! TV) not about Phil's angsty anger towards his estranged wife.

    10 for effort. 0 for track choice. 5 for performance. 9 for cliches. 10 for hair and beard quality.

  • ITAT is my favourite song, but the amount of times it's been covered and sounds literally the same as each other, makes it pointless and less interesting each time.

    This sounds like a 2000s rock band that's ran out of ideas in 2024