TotW 06/03/2024 - 06/09/2024: STEVE HACKETT - Taking You Down

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    STEVE HACKETT - Taking You Down

    Year: 2024
    Album: The Circus And The Nightwhale
    Working title: ?
    Credits: Hackett, King
    Lyrics: Yes
    Length: 4:17
    Musicians: Steve Hackett, Roger King, Nad Sylvan, Jonas Reingold, Craig Blundell, Amada Lehmann
    Played Live:

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    Notes: It doesn't happen too often, but Nad Sylvan sings this song on the latest studio album The Circus And The Nightwhale. While the album follows a concept, Taking You Down also works on his own. In our review Christoph Laakmann says: "Taking You Down is a wide-legged rocker that develops a good drive. In this song, Hackett processes the memory of a childhood friend of the difficult but exciting "bad guy" variety. Nad Sylvan's distorted vocals create an atmosphere of cool aggression, and Hackett fingers a solo as if it was a belated application for the successor to Ritchie Blackmore in Deep Purple. It's fun, seems coherent, but in playing with the traditional hard rock idiom it develops too little of its own to be great."
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  • A good solid track from a very good album. I’ve found his last few albums hard work, as have a lot of folk here. But this one is something of a return to the glory years and I’ve played it over and over - something I’ve not done with Steve’s work for a while, apart from the reissue of Guitar Noir.

    This is one of the longer tracks on the album. There are better tracks, but this one feels more complete as a stand alone track, some of the others are link passages as part of the story.

    I think this one works well, harnessing Steve’s power and dexterity to a decent melody and fairly traditional song structure with a bit of a hook. Nad sounds good and it’s a confident piece all round. If folk haven’t given this album a chance I’d really recommend it.

  • I don't mind the last 50 seconds where it tapers off into that solo.

    The preceding three minutes, though, I thought was awful

    ...wouldn't got that far, but I can't give more than 8 points for a pretty average track.

    ... good things come to those who wait

  • It's not the worst thing I've ever heard. It sounds like 10 seconds of a Black Sabbath song stretched to over three minutes. I kept waiting for something to happen, then the saxophone came in - which was at least something - and I thought it improved a bit. 6.

  • It's not the worst thing I've ever heard.

    Unfortunately, this is as positive as I can get about it too. Which for me characterises pretty much anything of his these days, as does everything sounding so melodramatically overbaked as this does. The verses are okay, the sax is one of my least favourite instruments possibly as it's so often used poorly but in this it's not bad as it has something of the wildness of sax in eg VDGG or Crimson. The closing solo sounds too much like every other solo he does now, while the actual ending with those gentle textures worked well. It underlines how he seems to have largely forgotten there's such a thing as subtlety.

    Abandon all reason

  • Yesterday I played the CD for my wife. I normally don't play much music for her since she has different musical tastes than I do, mainly preferring standard, familiar commercial stuff; but she is usually open minded about hearing different things. I've played her various Hackett albums before, even though I would think they'd sound strange to her.

    Anyway, the only part of the disc she commented on was "Taking You Down." Apparently recognizing that it wasn't Steve's voice on the song, she suddenly asked, "What is this, and who's singing it?" She also said it was more "hard rock" than what I'd normally play for her, and (without coming up with the exact word) described it as sounding "devilish."

    My own opinion on the song is basically that it's the most memorable track on the disc, and that's a good thing.

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