Phil: I’m Open to Genesis Reunion With Son on Drums -- Rolling Stone article

  • How about we start with something simple. Steve shows up at a Phil gig and they play something like "Blood On The Rooftops". The YouTube videos of that would go viral attracting the attention of the Live Nation's of the world. The offers for a reunion tour of Phil, Steve, Tony, and Mike would be hard for them to turn down. Nic and Chester would handle the drums. Daryl might also be needed for extra guitars. It would be spectacular.

  • Ok, I don't think they ever said "we have officially finished" but I thought that it was pretty clear that the TIOA tour was the farewell they never really had as things just seemed fade away. I don't want them to do anymore shows. Firstly I'd have to go and I don't need the stress of worrying about getting tickets

    Secondly I don't mind admitting I had a little tear in my eye at Old Trafford. Having said goodbye it just wouldn't feel right.