Introducing the "Track Of The Week"

  • Dear all,

    we will introduce a new weekly section shortly (possibly first week of September). The Track Of The Week will present a new track every week from either Genesis or its solo careers. The idea is to rate this track and to discuss the track with others.


    We will have a 15 points rating system, with 15 points as best possible option.

    15: oustanding

    14: very good

    13: very good -

    12: good +

    11: good

    10: good -

    09: satisfactory +

    08: satisfactory

    07: satisfactory +-

    06: sufficient +

    05: sufficient

    04: sufficient -

    03: poor +

    02: poor

    01: poor -

    00: deficient

    Although we will present a new track of the week frequently, the polls / rating option will remain open. So you can always rate "older" TotW, in case you haven't done it yet.

    We will always discuss studio versions-

    To rate a track, you may apply one of the following aspects

    a) personal taste

    b) track in the context of the band's / artist's history

    c) music skills / songwriting

    d) other aspects that may be important for you

    exchange your opinion with others and learn more about the tracks (an introduction text will be made available with every track)

  • Just for your information - we are currently setting up the list of tracks for 2018, so we will continue with the Track Of The Week shortly. In the meantime all polls are still open! SO you can vote for all previous tracks of the week

  • In the German forum we recently had the 500th track of the week.

    So there is some kind of record / experience. It's always a mix with solo and genesis songs. And a little bit of "let's see what works best". So, no pattern :)

  • are there plans to continue with this section? Always found it inspiring! Would be great!

    ... make tomorrow today!

  • Thanks for asking ...

    actually, I need some time to prepare the next bunch of tracks. This section is running for 10 years in our German forum, so there's no reason why it should't be possible here.

    I will try to start this again asap