New Album - 2019

  • I thought I would create a thread to keep track of any bits of news that come in about The Mechanics' upcoming album.

    Back in July, Clark Datchler (of Johnny Hates Jazz, who also did some writing on Let Me Fly) posted that he, Mike and Andrew Roachford were working on some new songs. According to Tim Howar's website, the album is scheduled for 2019.

    What sort of things would you be hoping to hear on a new album?

  • The last I saw an update of them working on it was in October. Tim was busy in Phantom of the Opera until last month, so I don't know how much he could contribute during that time, but he's free now. With one month to go until the tour and no announcement about anything yet, I feel like it's unlikely it will be done by then, but who knows!

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    Agreed. Tour starts in February. Event if the album is done, they would have started promotion already and pre-order options would have been published. So I assume it comes at the end of this year. Or maybe early 2020 - just in time for yet another tour




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