TotW 12/22/2018 - 01/04/2019: BRAND X - ...And So To F

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    BRAND X - ...And So To F

    Year: 1980

    Album: Product [album review]

    Working title: unknown

    Credits: Collins, Lumley, Jones

    Lyrics: None

    Length: 06:28

    Musicians: Percy Jones, Phil Collins, Robin Lumley, John Godsall, John Giblin

    Played Live: 1979, 1980, 1982, 1983, 1985

    mp3 downloads:

    Cover versions: none

    Notes: Collins's soft spot for fusion music was channelled in Brand X. The fusion band existed with Collins in it until 1982. ...And So To F is one of their most popular tracks, and Collins would play it on his first two solo tours.

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    ...cried a voice in the crowd.

  • Product is a nice gateway album for someone who may not be all that keen on fusion but interested in Brand X.

    " ...And So To F" is by far my favourite song on the album and probably the most melodic track recorded by that band

  • I hadn't heard it. I had been putting this off, knowing that at some point my ignorance about Brand X would become obvious. It's OK, a lot like some of FranK Zappa's stuff. It isn't really my thing. I admire Phil for doing this though. So I gave it 8.

  • That's an outstanding track. It's a shame Phil didn't play that more often during later tours. I came across this on a bootleg recording quite some years ago. Took me some time to figure out it was a Brand X track. Full score!

  • I voted outstanding. I believe I heard Phil play it with The Hot Tub Club before I heard the Brand X original. Either way, it's a thrilling arrangement.

    After two tours, I suppose it was dropped because of its unfamiliarity to the larger audience. Plus, you can't keep everything in the set list (I was probably more bothered that Don't Let Him Steal Your Heart Away was dropped after the first tour) and with The Westside growing to the epic proportions that it enjoyed on the Serious tour, maybe Phil felt that the jazz fusion side of his music was already well represented.