What was your first Steve Hackett show?

  • Hello all, my first Steve Hackett show was at The Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton, England on the 5th October 2003... To Watch The Storms tour.

    When and where was your first Steve Hackett show?

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  • Leipzig, Germany, around one year ago. I have never seen Genesis live, but all the members including Ray Wilson. Never managed to see Tony Banks, though, and probably never will.

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  • May 11, 2013 - St. David's Hall - Cardiff, Wales

    then again on

    October 24, 2014 - Royal Concert Hall - Nottingham, England

    Both Genesis Revisited II shows

    Then, very recently,

    February 17, 2018 - Scottish Rite Auditorium - Collingswood, NJ, USA

    (Bonus dates given because they all celebrated the glory of Genesis... 8)

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  • Neptune Theatre, Liverpool during his Guitar Noir tour. I wouldn't normally go and see him because I'm not much of a fan but the tickets were free.

    I remember he walked through the crowd on the way to the stage, wearing a pair of shades. I recall he played Vampyr With A Healthy Appetite, Firth Of Fifth (naturally) and Walking Away From Rainbows which raised a few "ooos" from the crowd when he introduced the song, talking about walking away from what appears to be a perfect situation "Could be a relationship...could be a band!"

  • May 1st, 1988, Manchester Opera House, Momentum Tour. Would have been April 1983, Manchester Apollo, but I had to attend a conference a couple of miles away. Boooo! X(


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  • Can't find the ticket stub for this one, but it would have been 4th or 5th July 1980 at the Hammersmith Odeon

    Same here, one of those, I'm pretty sure the 4th. Do you remember the unfunny comedian support act with a ferret glove puppet? All I can recall is the puppet 'saying' "Shut up or I'll nibble your bollocks off." He then briefly came on during SH's set as well.

    Between March and July I saw Genesis twice, plus PG and SH. I would then see PG and Genesis very close together in 87 and 07 as well.

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  • Do you remember the unfunny comedian support act with a ferret glove puppet? All I can recall is the puppet 'saying' "Shut up or I'll nibble your bollocks off." He then briefly came on during SH's set as well.

    Yes, I remember him.

    I don't recall much of the act, just the puppet. When 'The Young Ones' started a couple of years later, I wondered if he had anything to do with SPG, Vyvyan's hamster.

  • Chepstow 2009 UK. Summers End. Which included IQ and Pendragon, plus Quantum Fantay, who were awesome live...

    Steve playing Genesis tracks really stands out.. Put shivers down my spine in a good way!...;)

    I believe he played Clocks, which I really love. 8)

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  • Early July 1980 (maybe 4 July), London Hammersmith Odeon, Defector Tour. A terrific show as I recall. Opened with Slogans, and highlights were The Steppes, Spectral Mornings and A Tower Struck Down. I hadn't yet heard Defector so that material was all new to me and I remember being particularly blown away by The Steppes, still a favourite.

    The 'support act' was an alleged comedian in white tie and tails and doing an appalling ventriloquist act with a sock-puppet ferret. Apart from it being terrible all I can remember is the ferret saying "Shut up or I'll nibble your bollocks off". At some point during the main set, he ran back on and briefly did some backing vocals (still in the ferret 'persona').

    That gig completed a Genesis-heavy four months. March - Gabriel then 2 weeks later Genesis, both also at Hammersmith, then Genesis again at the Lyceum Ballroom in May.

    I found the July gig setlist.

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  • Looks a great show

    It was and in many ways remains the best SH gig I've been to. I did like that band - Pete Hicks was a great vocalist and had a nice, somewhat louche sort of stage presence. And i enjoyed my first experience of Hackett being a front man and communicating with the audience.

    A couple of months before, at the Genesis gigs, despite having a stripped-back show with just static lights they made it work brilliantly. SH gave them a run for their money. I still fondly recall at this gig, for Spectral Mornings he had a pair of rotating multi-beamed lights just behind him, angled so their beams crossed, giving off lots of very sharp clear beams (but definitely not lasers) that kind of prefaced varilites, speckling the whole auditorium with dancing spots of white light. It was simple and very effective and fit the track really well. In a similar but very different way, for Sentimental Institution they shone a couple of spots on a rotating mirrorball to give a very fitting 'dancehall' feel. I remember Hackett appeared to sit this one out at a small fake bar sipping on a drink that may or may not have been fake.

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