• Some of Ants albums are available on iTunes, but not all of them everywhere. It's a bit tricky to check where which album is available.

    Some of the recent deluxe editions might be bargains for you in case you don't need the 5.1 mixes.

    North America & Europe + ?

    Harvest Of The Heart Anthology: iTunes

    The Geese & The Ghost (Standard Version): iTunes

    Wide After The Event (Deluxe Edition): iTunes

    Sides (Deluxe Edition): iTunes

    Invisible Men (Deluxe Edition): iTunes

    Private Parts & Pieces I-IV: iTunes

    Europe + ?, but not North America

    Slow Dance (Deluxe Expanded): iTunes

    Private Parts & Pieces V-VIII: iTunes

    Germany + North America, but not UK

    1984 (Deluxe Expanded): iTunes

    Looks like there are two different Geese & The Ghost versions available in Both America, but I cannot access them.