THE MUSICAL BOX - A Genesis Extravaganza Setlist Spoiler

  • Yesterday, THE MUSICAL BOX played their first ever "A Genesis Extravaganza" show in Oslo.

    This is the setlist (marked as spoiler, so if you don't want to see it, don't look at it!)

  • I'm a bit disappointed they're not playing The Knife, Supper's Ready, Watcher of the Skies or I Know What I Like. Any ideas what the "other surprises" part they were talking about means?

  • On the subject of the Musical Box, have you seen the pics from the shows? Are the band still dressing the appropriate parts for each of the three sets? Are they changing the back drops and props for each of the three sets? Seems like a lot of work but I certainly hope they are. I think that's what sets them apart from just a (very talented) cover band.



  • I read a pretty mixed review on Facebook. Apparently a few of the songs during the W&W set were not the full songs. That's concerning and I hope not true.

  • I read a pretty mixed review on Facebook. Apparently a few of the songs during the W&W set were not the full songs. That's concerning and I hope not true.

    see my first post here, the info is hidden - click on the Spoiler button.

  • The Musical Box ‘A Genesis Extravaganza’ London 11/10/18

    Much as I love 70s Genesis, there’s something vaguely unnerving about being in an auditorium full of men in their fifties and sixties chanting ‘Touch me, now, now, now, now, now!’ Yet, despite the odd accompanying crotch grab, that was about as weird as it got at last night’s performance in London by The Musical Box. This Canadian tribute band played a fairly unique set of just over 2 hours of which the first half was composed of 2 long medleys, the first of which was entitled ‘The tail in the wind’. As the title suggests, this medley was composed entirely from the 4 man era material. Yet, for some strange reason, they chose to make it 90% instrumental and filleted the songs so severely that even the guitar solo on Vine was flung at us before the taste buds were ready for it. Yes, it slipped down nicely enough, but how much more enjoyable it would have been had we been primed by the accompanying aroma of the verses. Still, the medley had its moments and it was good to hear that piano bridge from Mad Man Moon, disembodied as it was.

    The second medley was less disappointing. ‘A Broadway medley’ was the title and being no great fan of the Lamb, I had low expectations. Yet they played all of the six tracks I actually liked and played them fully so we were spared the vicious editing from which the first medley suffered. Ok, we still had to suffer the jazz-handed title track and the jaunty ‘Counting our Time’ but that was, kind of, expected and it was vaguely amusing to watch the baldie in front of me count out his own time with his pot belly, wobble by wobble. However, by the time the interval came along, I was left feeling somewhat deflated. This was the crème de la crème of Genesis tribute bands and here I was feeling a bit, well, disappointed.

    However, I needn’t have worried. After the interval they got down to business. It was obvious that they would devote this second set to classic Gabriel-era stuff as they’d clearly decided to work back chronologically, but would they take refuge in the usual hits? Not a bit of it! They opened the second set with Timetable then followed with Seven Stones and After the Ordeal (a track Genesis themselves never performed live): refreshing stuff. And it didn’t stop there either. More unlikely tracks followed in the form of Looking for Someone & Can-utility whose guitar intro was played especially beautifully. By the time the inevitable hit arrived in the form of The Cinema Show the audience had scratched their itch for something different, yet even here we were in for a surprise as they segued into Aisle of Plenty.

    The show closed with Volcano & The Musical Box, both in their own right climactic pieces even if unlikely bedfellows. I steeled myself for the expected mimicry of Gabriel’s on-stage antics which quickly wears thin after you’ve seen it once or twice and then serves merely to distract from the music but was relieved to see that the singer had abandoned this and had added his own twist by ditching the usual old man mask for a fox’s head and a red dress thereby providing a great visual hook to a symphonic climax.

    The whole show was performed to a backdrop of projected imagery as the musicians largely sat upon stools and plied their trade with a refreshing degree of professional detachment. I might not have indulged in a crotch-grab myself but something in this band’s understated virtuosity certainly touched me and their bold foray into oft overlooked album tracks still touches me..... now .... now.... now....

    ~ My talents may not be obvious but they are always...always...delicious! ~

  • Thanks for your report!

    This seems to be the setlist of yesterday's show

  • Do you know if they sell official Genesis merchandise before or after the show at the venue? Gonna watch them tonight and Lisbon and need to know whether I should bring extra cash.

  • Yes, they still use vintage equipment and the stage setting etc is pretty much Genesis. There are photos from rehearsals here:

    Am I alone in not wanting to witness these sorts of slavish recreations? I suspect I might be but just wondered.

    Abandon all reason

  • Oh yes, this confirms that I will go see them in Montreal on February 9th 2019! I was fortunate to have seen SEBTP and The Lamb Tours by the Real Genesis but sadly missed both the Trick of the Tail and Wind & Wuthering tours, this extravaganza is a dream come true!

  • Went to see them in Liverpool. Great venue, good gig, band looked good and sounded great. I'd seen all of their previous tours and enjoyed it very much for what it was, a slighty intense but superb recreation of wonderful events from the past. This was a bit different. I'm glad in a way that they are giving themselves a new lease of life with the "extravanganza" approach and there is a lot of mileage in that. But the setlist was a bit odd. The Trick/Wind medley was clunky to say the least and a bit stop/start at times. They could have just done a short medley if they wanted and a few full songs and I think that would have been more satisfying to me at least, but each to their own. As a geek in these areas I loved the obscure tracks but I have to say that the evening did not really flow because of the three segments approach. Genesis really know/knew how to construct a setlist and the way the Musical Box set this one up did not really allow it to ebb and flow and then build. But they are wonderful musicians and I'd certainly go again, just hope they don't artificially tie themselves down again to such a structure. Having moved away from the reacreation of a gig idea, they are free to build whatever set they want. Maybe they could imagine what would have happened if Gabriel had rejoined for a one-off tour around 1976/77, what would the band have come up with then? I had a chat with Richard McPhail during the interval, what a lovely chap!

  • Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to seeing them very soon. But I must admit it will feel strange not so see a "proper" Genesis show recreated by them. We'll see :)