• On PRIVATE PARTS & PIECES IX: DRAGONFLY DREAMS, the vocal on "She'll Be Waiting" (the only vocal track) is credited to "Terry Medford." This is obviously wrong as the vocal is clearly by Ant himself.

    Does anyone know anything about the meaning of this credit? It doesn't seem strange enough to be a joke, and the song is not one that even Ant would be likely to make a joke about. I've wondered if "Terry Medford" is actually the sampled female voice on "Night Song."

    Anyway, doing a Google search for "Terry Medford" didn't turn up anything helpful.

    The Seat Bunny!

  • Terry Medford is the name of the character played by Terry Scott in the UK sitcom Terry & June :) Terry Medhurst on the other hand was a sound engineer who worked with Ant on a couple of projects and was responsible for the set up of the microphones that gave the vocal and guitar sound used on She'll Be Waiting.

    On the original release of the album, Ant credited this as "Vocal & guitar sound on She'll Be Waiting: Terry Medhurst". As there was some confusion over whether this was a credit for the vocals on the track, the subsequent releases of the album have the amended credit "Recorded vocal and guitar sound used on track 8 created by Terry Medhurst"

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