Prefab Sprout

  • Any Prefab Sprout fans here?

    I became a fan somewhere in between Andromeda Heights and The Gunman And Other Stories. These two albums remain favorites of mine, though Crimson/Red comes close. I am not the biggest fan of their output in the eighties, but some tracks are on my heavy rotation list, such as "If You Don't Love Me". I also enjoyed the acoustic version of Steve McQueen

    I hope Paddy will release another album anytime soon.

    Anybody else a fan of the Sprouts here?




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  • Absolutely. Steve McQueen was one of the albums of my postgrad years in Glasgow of the mid 80's. Saw them live twice - the Jordan tour and the tour 2000. Try and track down the (ahem!) unofficial B side/rairities compilation Silhouettes. I adore From Langley Park to Memphis. Paddy McAloon is a lyrical genius, massively underrated.

  • I’m a huge fan. One of my all time favourite bands and love their work from the 80s right through to the most recent. Could never listen to Bonny from Steve McQueen to often. Paddy has had a lot of health problems and so I wonder if he will ever tour again. But understand he has a vast amount of unrecorded/unreleased material. Fingers crossed he releases something new soon.