MIKE + THE MECHANICS - Let Me Fly - album discussion

  • What are your favorite tracks on "Let Me Fly"? Select three 11

    1. The Letter (6) 55%
    2. Wonder (4) 36%
    3. The Best Is Yet To Come (4) 36%
    4. Don't Know What Came Over Me (4) 36%
    5. High Life (4) 36%
    6. I'll Be There For You (3) 27%
    7. Let Me Fly (2) 18%
    8. Are You Ready (2) 18%
    9. Not Out Of Love (1) 9%
    10. Save My Soul (1) 9%
    11. Save The World (0) 0%
    12. Love Left Over (0) 0%

    The latest album by Mike + The Mechanics, Let Me Fly, was released a year ago.

    Do you have it? if so, what are your thoughts today, one year later? What are your favorite tracks?

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  • Which are my favourite songs on Let Me Fly? That's a tough question. It's been a year since the album was released, so I ought to know it by now. I have listened to it regularly but, to be honest, not nearly as much as I listened to The Road when that album was released. I think The Road was a much stronger album.

  • Personally, I loved this album and found it a lot more cohesive than The Road.

    At the same time, I feel like the songs are all so much better live. It's like there's something missing on the album versions, but you can't quite put your finger on it. This might be because I heard most of them live before I heard the album, or maybe there is something in the fact that The Mechanics really are a live band these days (i.e. they work songs live before they finish them).

    I wish more had been done with I'll Be There For You, which is my favourite track on the album.

  • "High Life" is my favorite, then "The Letter".

    Third option was tough - in the end I picked "The Best Is Yet To Come".

    "Wonder", "I'll Be There For You" and the title track would follow

  • It’s quite odd, but Let Me Fly celebrates its 5th release anniversary today. It was a top 10 album in the UK.
    will put this on later today. Still, unthinking it contains some great tracks. I recently rediscovered “Wonder”, a nice tune beautifully sung by Andrew. I’ll Be There For You and The Letter are further favorites.

    What do you think about the album today?

  • "Wonder" is a nice little track, kind of storytelling singing. Still listen to the album and I still like it.

    ... make tomorrow today!