What do you listen on?

  • On a forum where it’s mostly about great music, I was interested to know what equipment people listen on at home and in what formats?

    I’ve been a long time Naim equipment fan, but have scaled back from multi-box set ups now. I have a new Nova as my primary serious listening source and a Muso for more casual listening from various direct/Bluetooth/airplay sources.

  • I am completely away from listening to lp-records or cds. All the music I have is on my 160 gigabyte iPod and on my Mac. When I play music from my Mac, I usually don't use extra equipment. When I use the iPod, I either use earphones or put the iPod on a Bose-Booster. I also started streaming albums via amazon prime recently and play that music directly from my iPad or Mac.

    I also use a Bluetooth device from muvo (creative muvo 2) every now and then. I am still looking for a Bluetooth device that offers a great sound and stereo effect for my living room but haven't found anything useful, yet. Any advice would be welcome.

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  • NAD CD521BEE CD player, obtained free, fixed by me.

    Philips CD 104 CD player, bought new in 1985, still singing like a bird with a couple of minor fixes by me.

    Cambridge Audio Azur A340Amp.

    Cambridge Audio S30 Speakers.

    Sony NW-A1200 Network Walkman digital music players, 3 of them.

    Dual C814 Cassette deck, when needed,

    Wharfedale Diamonds hooked up in the conservatory, when the weather/mood dictates!


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