Nursery Cryme

  • Bumping this up as I recently read about how Russia is currently living a Genesis song. A strain of hogweed (Sonowsky's) is rife, growing up to 5m high and emitting a sap that causes serious burns that are horribly painful and can take months to heal. It's highly invasive, and a single plant can distribute 100,000 seeds. Crank conspiracists are blaming it on the US carrying out "bacteriological warfare" (surely herbicidal?) against Russia. However, it's self-inflicted. The plants were brought in from their natural habitat in Caucasus Mountains after WWII as cheap livestock feed - though why you'd feed acid-filled plants to animals is beyond me - and it's spread since then, but seems to have gone even madder and is tearing its way across the country. The Moscow Times cites a forecast that the hogweed will "engulf almost all of Russia by 2050" if left unchecked.

    A rather horse/stable door edict from the government requires landowners to remove the weeds or face large fines. But surely the agitation of removing the weeds is going to further distribute the seeds and they'll be stuck in a vicious bota-NIC-al cycle.

    Oh well, never mind.

    That's amazing! I mean, very unfortunate for anyone victimized by the weed but still...

    I wonder if Genetic Control will start investing in prime downtown Moscow real estate next.

  • I prefer it to Foxtrot. I think it's more interesting, in particular it's more varied with the loudness and aggression of giant hogweed (and musical box) and then the gentle melody of for absent friends and harlequin.

    I also find the band has a raw energy at this stage. Steve's playing, and guitar in general, is quite prominent compared to foxtrot which I like. Don't get me wrong, I love the piano and mellotron as well (seven stones and fountain of salmacis are divine) but in general synth predominates in Genesis so it's nice to hear the aggressive edge here.

    I agree. NC is either my favorite or second favorite album by the band. I love the aggressive feel to songs like The Musical Box and Hogweed. It’s seems to be a continuation of a hard rock trend that started with The Knife. Part of it is nostalgia for me, as Nursery Cryme is the first Genesis album I ever got, I was probably 9 or 10. I’ll never forget hearing those opening chords to TMB, though having no clue what the lyrics meant at the time or the meaning behind the song.