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STEVE HACKETT - At The Edge of Light (25th Jan 2019)

  • Steve Hackett will release a new studio album early next year

    At The Edge Of Light comes out Jan 25th and includes contributions by Simon Phillips, Nick D'Virgilio and others.

    See our news item for details:…-out-in-January-n549.html

  • Our sister website interviewed Steve at weekend, we had a listen of some of the tracks from the new album... One track in particular was JAW DROPPING!

    This will hopefully blow the previous two albums out of the water.


    Personally, I love the previous two albums, so if this is better it's going to be fantastic! ;)

  • I've posted about this on the "what are you listening to now" thread yesterday. Possibly an improvement over the last album (lets hope so) but all pretty much in the same style, except Descent, which is based on the intro to Can't Let Go, and finally uses it successfully.

    Those Golden Wings is about as long as Turn This Island Earth, but doesn't make the same impact. To me, anyway.


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  • Having been fortunate to have been bestowed a preview copy for a good month now, the stand out tracks are:

    Underground Railroad... which we also heard back on the 3rd November during our Steve interview.

    Under The Eye Of The Sun... catchy, feels similar in feel to work on the last album.

    Those Golden Wings... in parts sounds similar to Shadow Of The Hierophant or similar chord progression at the very least.

    Shadow and Flame... very nice Eastern / Indian feel.

    Hungry Years... needs further exploration

    Decent... sounds like Bolero in places (drums etc)

    Conflict... classic Steve Hackett from the last 20 years

    Peace... a brilliant song that capitalises on the style of the last album.

    Japanese version on order, so bonus tracks will be up for review soon.


  • I've listened to the thing about five times now. I guess those who loved Wolflight will be in for a treat. The others perhaps not so.

    After "Underground Railroad" and "Under the Eye of the Sun" I had high hopes for this album, but as it turns out those two tasters are actually its highlights!

    The eleven minute "Those Golden Wings" is just the most frustrating thing. It's built around a classy, rather inspired guitar melody, first played with electric twelve string several times and later on part of an elongated guitar solo. Unfortunately, the remainder of this pieced together track doesn't add up to anything but self-indulgence.

    "Hungry Years" gets plus points for actually being reminiscent of a song and for Amanda's (underemployed) vocals adding warmth. But like the Crosby, Stills & Nash experiment a few albums ago it sounds leaden when it should sound cheerful.

    Then again, if you loved Wolflight...

  • "Turn This Island Earth" makes an impact??

    Anyway, I've ordered the Japanese edition of LIGHT, so I'll have to wait a bit to get it.

    You listened to "Turn This Island Earth" and thought "ho-hum, I've heard lots of stuff like that"? :)


    There are two types of people in this world. Those who can extrapolate from incomplete data.

  • I haven't bought a Hackett album for years. I just listened to Golden Wings on youtube; like all his stuff in the last few years, I found it so hard to get some sort of fix on it. It's 11 minutes of trying to grab hold of vapour.

  • Listened to a couple of tracks on Youtube.

    Descent is good – it sticks to doing one thing, isn’t too long, has no vocals & is slightly reminiscent of Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir.

    Those Golden Wings seems overlong, somewhat marred by vocals & while the orchestral/choral sections sound good they don’t particularly fit in with the rest of the track.

    Still can’t decide whether to get the CD, after hardly playing The Night Siren :/

  • You listened to "Turn This Island Earth" and thought "ho-hum, I've heard lots of stuff like that"? :)

    No, I listened to "Turn This Island Earth" and thought, "Wow, this is a mess, and it doesn't add up to anything! What a waste of effort!"

    I've come to appreciate some of the various bits in it, but I'm still not impressed by how they're put together, and to me it remains a low point in Steve's discography.

  • I am not an expert, when it comes to judge his solo work, as I only had his first three albums plus Genesis Revisited II. Maybe that is why my verdict on the new album is not as harsh as foxfeeder`s and Sredni`s. The album got some great tunes and arrangements and is definitely much more accessible, than some of his older stuff. I listened to the album several times now, and the more I listen to it, the more I like it.

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