Misheard Lyrics

  • I used to love the "Misheard Lyrics" thread on the old forum. Anyway, I've just experienced a new one. I was listening to the Steve Hackett album Feedback '86 for the first time, and the second track, "Prizefighters", came on, but I didn't know what it was called, and all I could hear in the chorus was "Dry spiders, heading for home"!

    Was it you or was it me? Or was it he, or she?

  • I saw this thread while UB40’s “Food for thought” was playing on TV & googled the lyrics as when it was released everyone thought the opening words were “I’m a prima donna”. So it’s taken me 38 years to discover it’s actually “Ivory Madonna”. Although given the later bust-ups within UB40 maybe “I’m a prima donna” would have been a better line to open their career.

  • I have only just found out that in Wings' Live & Let Die the line I always thought was 'you gotta give the other fella hand' is in fact 'you gotta give the other fella hell'. Of course it is. It makes sense. This has bothered me for decades & I'm glad I've finally been put straight.

  • 'Hey Andy, did you hear about the swan?'

    (Man In The Moon, R.E.M. - original words: "...about this one")

    I mentioned this one in the old forum:

    "Relax! Come to West! Don't you wanna *mumblemumble* come to West?"